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About the Blog


In my blog postings I’ll focus on what life is like for people with visual impairment.  The primary focus will be about everyday situations a visually impaired person may encounter and how he or she may have to adapt to them.  Other areas of focus will include items of human interest concerning various aspects of living life as a visually impaired person, everything from coping to just interesting things a sighted reader may not have ever known about.  From time to time I will include a personal experience of my own, explaining what living with a visual impairment is like from my point of view.

My hope is that my blog, which is titled Vision Without Sight, will give readers a unique understanding as to what living with a visual impairment is like.  Whether the reader is sighted or not, I feel it’s important for people to realize having any kind of visual impairment is not something to be afraid of.  Instead readers must understand that everyone is unique in their own way and despite the lack of vision, that person is still capable of great things. 

Along the way there may be things in a particular posting that a reader might have wondered about someone who is blind.  Upon further reading he or she may discover something they never knew before.  Now they may realize a whole new perspective on a particular situation or other aspect of life someone who is blind may have to go through.  This is exactly what I would like readers of my blog to take away from their reading.  I’d like readers to understand what living through an everyday life situation would be like if they were blind or had another type of vision impairment.